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Loan approved Geraldton $40,000

posted 20 Jul 2015, 19:47 by Phillip Smith   [ updated 20 Jul 2015, 20:05 ]
Loan APPROVED Mr and Mrs Brown (not real name) lived on their farm north of Geraldton WA. 

They also had a cattle station in the Kimberly area of WA that they sold but waiting settlement, WHICH WAS to government approval of the transfer of lease AND NO ONE knew how long that would take. 

The Johns were fast running out of money for living because they could not sell any cattle as this was now under contract. Mr Brown contacted Que Capital by phone and asked for an urgent loan of $40000.

Que Capital approved the application in 1 day, no valuations were done because we relied on the proceeds from the contract of sale of the station to discharge the loan.

Fortunately the Govt., approved the lease transfer in a timely manner and a satisfactory conclusion for all.

who's next......